One award after another for the golden brewery and one of the most authentic breweries in Franconia: Mahrs Bräu in Bamberg

Mahrs Setting the Bar – Winning gold a second time around for beer city, Bamberg.

Already awarded Gold for their “Festtags Weisse” in 2010, now Mahrs Bräu’s “Weisse Bock”, after recently receiving Platinum from “GENUSS.bier.pur”, was awarded a Gold Medal at the European Beer Star 2013


Bamberg – Mahrs Bräu, out of Bamberg, Upper Franconia, can enjoy the fact that they have, once again, received one of the world’s most coveted honors for outstanding quality. Their “Weisse Bock” was awarded the Gold Medal at Europe’s largest beer competition, “The European Beer Star 2013”, in the category of Southern German-Style Weizenbock dunkel.

“This award is very special to my brewers, and to me,” explains Stephan Michel, CEO of Mahrs Bräu, “because to be judged by such a competent jury proves emphatically that our policy, focusing on quality and the quality of our raw materials, is absolutely spot on.”

The Weisse Bock is distinguished by its dark brown color and fine brownish head; a stimulating fragrance of forest honey, ripe banana and sour cherries; and an underlying hint of dark cocoa and peat. Very good effervescence. Already in the initial taste there is a fusion of fine chocolate. The Bock has a scent of damp forest and tastes like dark berries (blueberries). It is a top-fermented strong-beer brewed in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. Therefore, only regional and controlled raw ingredients are used: the finest light and dark wheat malt; light barley malt; and roasted malt, from Bamberger and Steinbach, Erlangen Malthouse, as well as fine aromatic hops from Wolnzach, the variety of Hallertauer Hersbrucker.

This top-fermented beer has an original gravity of approx. 16.8 %, and therefore obtains an alcohol content of 7.2 % ABV. The recommended connoisseur’s serving temperature is 8-10 ° C. Perhaps this should be called Bock “fränkischer Waldgeist” (Franconian Forest Spirit)?

A prime example of drinkability: with such an accentuating sweetness and lush beer style. It’s really enjoyable, wonderfully fresh, and man is it good!

This year’s competition was fiercer than ever. A total of 1,512 beers from 40 countries took part in the 2013 competition. This represents an increase of 11% compared to the previous year. The decision was made on August 23rd, that an expert international panel, made up of 102 judges, would conduct and evaluate a blind tasting that would run an entire day at the Brewing Academy Doemens in Gräfelfing.

The award ceremony took place on September 18th and was held at Drinktec in Munich. At the European Beer Star, the beers were evaluated purely by sensory criteria that apply to every beer drinker: color, aroma, head, and of course taste. The jury, which consisted of brewers, beer sommeliers and beer connoisseurs, tested all beers in a blind tasting; the tasters knowing only the varieties, but not the brand.

The European Beer Star Awards only recognize especially authentic, respectable beers that satisfy requirements in both taste and quality. There is only a gold, a silver and a bronze medal awarded in each of the 51 different beer categories, making the European Beer Star one of the toughest beer competitions worldwide.

Private Breweries established the European Beer Star Awards in 2004, in cooperation with the Association of Small and Independent Breweries of Europe. They were launched with the aim of acknowledging and showcasing the unique diversity of beer. The European Beer Star only tastes beers that have their traditional origins in Europe, yet participation is open to all breweries worldwide.