A textbook example of a Brew Pub:

Or better said: The Brew Pub

Just by looking at our old brewery building you can already tell that we look back on a long line of tradition. But only first when you are a guest will you fully grasp the depth of our tradition and history.

Where others tend to teardown and throw away all the old, we have left everything as it once was hundreds of years ago. If and when we have modernized, it has always been done with care. That which has been handed down to us has always been treated with the utmost respect. You can see it and feel it as you walk through our doors. We are pleased, and find it is a true honor, to be able to welcome you into this genuine rarity.

A rustic saloon with wood-paneled walls and cockled hearth; small beer tables and benches cut from old oak; a dim, intimate parlor with an old world charm that’s hard to find anywhere else these days.
Everything seems right where it belongs at Mahr’s Bräu. And if there’s no more room in the pub, there are plenty of other rooms, filled with Frankish nostalgia, where you can make yourself comfortable.

Our Brew Pub is open from Monday thru Sunday from 9:00am – 11:30pm. If that’s still not enough time for you, there’s always the possibility to buy beer by the bottle. Or maybe you need a keg? You got it! 5-liter kegs are also available. Your beer will always be served at the proper drinking temperature of 5°C (41°F).

Would you like a reservation?
Just give us a call: 0951 915170. Of course, you can also contact us, Tuesday to Friday, per email at the following address: info@mahrs.de
As soon as you receive our confirmation email, you’ll know your table is securely reserved.