Those who drink well,

most also eat well!

One should never leave Mahr’s Bräu hungry. To ensure that this never happens, we offer you plenty to eat in our pub.

To ring in the new era of Michel, we have fully renovated our kitchen. Because, we understand that no matter how good something is, there’s always room for improvement. This is also an important part of our philosophy for what really matters when establishing an outstanding brewery and pub.

Just as we are not satisfied with brewing just any beer, we offer cuisine that is characterized by its originality, zeal and a strong regional focus. We want you to eat a good meal with us, whether it is a hearty “Brotzeit” (a traditional light meal of bread with varied meats and cheeses served on a cutting board), a savory Frankish Braten (succulent roast) or anyone of our many exquisite, new, imaginative dishes. We also offer vegetarian and light cuisine with a distinctly regional flair. We set the bar for our food as high as we set it for our beer.