Today a Hell beer, tomorrow a U beer, the day after tomorrow a Weisse beer…

Each one different. And each genuine Mahr!

This might sound a little rough, but we have a heartfelt dislike for soulless, watered-down swill that’s belched out of an industrial boiler. That’s why we brew our beers only with the finest ingredients. We are devoted to the art of brewing and allow each of our specialties the exact amount of time needed, in order to craft these wholesome ingredients into a remarkably tasting beer.

It may well be that this is old fashioned, but this is why each one of our nine varieties of beer are always, as they should be – fresh, wholesome and distinctive. On top of that, our brewers are pretty curious. They’re always happy to try out new ideas; that’s why Mahr’s Bräu is regularly coming out with beerishly good extra varieties.

Are you the type that can only believe something after you’ve seen it? Then a tour of our brewery is just the right thing. Just contact us and we’ll arrange a tour for you!


Mahrs Bräu a U 5,2%

After “A” comes “U”

The “U” stands for “Ungespundet”, which means unfiltered and outrageously good. Simply pronounced, “Ahh Ooo”, like the two vowels, means you would like a U beer. No language skills required, and you finally have a great beer that doesn’t take a long time to order. What comes to your table, if one orders a U? You’ll get an extraordinary, yeast-turbid specialty beer with a full-bodied smooth-malt character. Pleasantly tart and lightly carbonated, it is a beer that goes just as well with a good meal as it does with a relaxing evening after work. Did somebody say, “cult beer”? Yeah, why not. That’s fine with us. Sure, you could always say “one” U. But experience has taught us that that’s rarely the case.



Mahrs Bräu Pilsner 4,9%

Premium taste with a delicately tart bitter note

Bright, brilliant yellow: That’s how our Pilsner pours into a glass, with its fine foamy head, it’s already a visual experience. But it’s not brewed just to look at. Take a whiff, perhaps? Above all you’ll find a distinct hops aroma stands out. This comes from the refined, tailored mix of Hallertauer aromatic hops. And how does it taste? Light and dry, carried by a delicately tart bitter note, and a round and very well-balanced finish.

Gold Brewer`s Awardb-micba_medaille_silber-01AIBA_2016_BRONZE_MEDAL_25mm_RGB

Mahrs Bräu Hell (Pale Ale) 4,9%

Can’t be wrong, cause it always taste so right

Straight ahead and straight on – our Helles is not a drink of many words, but rather an honest, direct beer. Dare we say, a bit philosophical? But please, we digress… A creamy head atop a golden yellow core: inside mild, fine and spicy with a hint of sweetness. Delivering a certain hops-bouquet, and a finale of malty goodness that drives you to immediately order the next “Seidla” (half-liter).


Mahrs Bräu Weisse (Wheat/White) 4,9%

Top-fermented summer freshness in a glass

Upper Bavaria has been known to brew the best wheat beers in the world. This has seemed to entice other Frankish breweries away from brewing a solid white. But not us! Effervescent as it pours, so powerfully beautiful and golden-yellow, followed up by a slowly cascading veil of yeast… even to the staunch wheat beer connoisseur it’s love at first sight! But don’t worry. This is purely flirtatious. As you take your first sip, you experience the sweet, wonderfully fruity, slightly banana-like taste that seems to signal the dawning of a long awaited summer. How do we do it? With a special top-fermented wheat beer yeast, lots of wheat malt, and complex in-bottle fermentation process.

WBC16_silver Gold Brewer`s AwardAIBA_2016_GOLD_MEDAL_25mm_RGB

Mahrs Bräu Leicht (Light) 2,8%

Less is more, yet still quickly empty

Ok good, a “responsible beer” may sound a bit exaggerated. That’s why “Mahr’s Bräu Light” is called “Mahr’s Bräu Light” and not “Mahr’s Bräu Responsible”. However, there are situations where people are counting calories, rather than alcohol content. And just for these occasions we thought, “Okay, let’s brew up a little somthin’-somthin’ with a bit of lightness in the bottle.” Once you experience the fine aroma of hops and mildly tart aftertaste, the fact that it is low calorie becomes nothing but an after thought.

Mahrs Bräu Radler (Shandy)

Once a classic, always a classic

What else can we say about a Radler? It was traditionally made as a refreshing boost for tired cyclists, but to know the taste is to love it. Unfortunately, there are Radlers out there on the market committing real crimes against the honor of beer – and against good taste. The tangy, fruity mix of lemon/lime soda with beer can only really taste good when all the ingredients are selected with the utmost care and compatibility. Because to us, simply dumping two sub-par tastes together in a bottle doesn’t give this classic the respect it deserves. With Mahr’s, you get a refreshingly delicious tasting Radler every time.

Mahrs Bräu E.T.A. (Dark) 4,9%

From a limited time only, anniversary brew, to an everyday powerhouse – Our Dark

“I am that which I seem, and seem not what I am.” These types of divided thoughts about his personality have nothing to do with our E.T.A. From head to toe it is a truly solid Dark. It was originally brewed in 2008 as a limited edition for the celebration of “200 years of ETA Hoffmann in Bamberg”. It has earned a regular place with us, due to its robust flavor, its underlying dark-chocolate aroma, and its nut-brown color. Our guests considered it to be famous right from the start.


Mahrs Bräu Bock Beer 6,8%

Strong and velvety smooth: a brute of a Bock

Connoisseurs and friends of our Bock look forward to October every year, because everyone knows it’s the beginning of Mahr’s Bock brewing season. It’s not just the sun-soaked golden color that revives old memories of the fading summer, but also its pure, fine hoppy scent and satisfying malt flavor. The unique thing about this beer is its ambivalent character: on the one hand velvety smooth, almost viscous as it goes down; on the other hand, it is characterized by a sleek, Autumnal, hoppy flavor. A truly veteran Bock! And what a beer.

Logo_Bild Beerstar Silver 2015

Der Weisse Bock (Wheat/White Bock) 7,2%

The elixir for surviving Lent

The dictionary describes an “elixir” as an extract of medicinal plants, with various other ingredients, which is dissolved in alcohol. And when we consider that in earlier times the monks would have never survived Lent without beer, then “White Bock” could definitely be seen as an elixir. This is why it is a Mahr’s Bräu tradition that this beer only be served after Ash Wednesday.
Dark brown, with a slight reddish tint and a delicate cascading veil of yeast as it flows into the glass. Then there’s the taste! Malty smooth. Sparkling fresh with just a hint of ​​sweetness, mildly bitter with a velvety finish. We’d like to see someone brew it better. It is such a shame that Lent comes and goes so quickly…


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Too bad it is not your beer? Now it could be!

Your label on the outside, great tasting Mahr’s inside.

As the great blues singer Billie Holiday said, “God bless the child that’s got his own”. Well now you can have your own! We find that the best way to bring great tasting Mahr’s specialties to the people is by personalizing them for the people. And let’s be honest: to serve a great beer with your own customized label – not everyone can do that.
Oh and by the way, we don’t do this for just anybody. You will first have to prove that you can cope with the direct nature of our proud Frankish ways…but, if you like our beer, then you certainly share our attitude and philosophy on what is good and genuine.

You know what? Just give us a call. We’d be delighted to hear from you!