Attention! Now it’s getting historical:

The long history of Mahr’s brewing.


Whomever you are, when you visit Mahr’s Bräu you can see that we weren’t established yesterday.

Even if the Michel Family has “only” been running the brewery in Bamberg’s Wunderberg for four generations, we have still managed to get quite a reasonable amount of years under our belt. Well, years…it’s more like a few centuries!
A look back …

1602 Peter Zweidler includes plans for a brewery with a guesthouse on the first printed plans of Bamberg
1610 First mention of a beer cellar in the hills of Stephansberg
1670 Founding and first-time mention of the brewery
1895 The Michel era begins: Johann Michel Jr. acquires the estate Wunderburg 10, which includes the beer brewery and a beer cellar cut into the cliff rocks on Stephansberg
1908 The Old Brewery, called “Zum Brenner“ is torn down. The brick building (which is today a protected monument) will be rebuilt.
1949 After a long drought caused by war, we receive our brewing license back
1957 Albert and Wilhelm Michel take on the leadership and establish the company Mahr’s Bräu Bamberg, Bros. Michel Partnership
1971 The third generation is on tap: Ingmar Michel accepts the brewery
1983 A new investment plan explicitly takes into account measures for environmental protection
1985 Extensive rebuilding, which includes restoration of valuable old buildings
1988 WA revival of tradition: beer delivery by horse & wagon. Four horses are bought and stables are built
1996 Completion of far-reaching modernization and automation measures
1999 Participation in the Bavarian Environmental Protection and Consulting Program
2007 The United States’ “Men’s Journal” honors us as the “Best Brewery in the World”
2010 Awarded the Gold Medal for our “Festtags Weisse” beer at the European Beer Star Awards
2010 Ingmar Michel is presented with the “Bayerischen Bierordens” Medal, bestowed on private Bavarian breweries for their excellence. The medal was accepted on behalf of all Bamberger breweries.
2012 Award for our long-standing commitment to “Umweltpakt Bayern”, a Bavarian Environmental Pact