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We are a Bamberger Brewery!

Home, Responsibility, Sustainability

Home? Home is a good beer, a hardy meal and a cozy place that brings on a sense of well-being. It’s an enormous gift! But above all, it’s a responsibility. We have accepted this responsibility for quite some time now. Because we can only guarantee and protect the quality of our brewing, as well as the unique flavor of our beers, when we dedicate ourselves to the proper ingredients.


This requires a respect for nature and the awareness that we have a damn obligation to conduct our business responsibly and sustainably. After all, we are not alone. And we want to give something back to the region that raised us.

We specifically select raw goods and ingredients from impartially certified cultivators. They are not carted in from somewhere outside of the region, but rather, they’re from the Franken Jura or other grows inside Bavaria. For example, we receive our malt exclusively from the Bamberg Malt-house and Malt-house Steinach, Zirndorf. “Home is simply at home.”

However, buying locally is just one part of our environmental commitment. We took measures 30 years ago to ensure our dedication to environmental protection. Modern technology provides us with a sustainable and conscientious use of resources. Our own environmental management system reinforces and secures our efforts. And, of course, everything is running on green energy

Well sure, we could always do it the cheaper, easier way. But that’s not the way we operate.