Beloved Drinking Monuments –

the “Stehgammler” in the “Schwemm” (aka Bummin’ around the watering hole)

Don’t worry about the people who are standing around drinking beer in the corridor outside the entrance to our pub. This is firstly not a corridor, but rather the “Schwemm”. And secondly, they aren’t people, but rather the “Stehgammler”.

Being a Stehgammler is somewhat of a real institution at Mahr’s Bräu. Kinda like a reserved VIP area for regulars, so to speak. Drinking beers outside in the Schwemm makes it much easier for those who don’t have the time or the desire to pull up a chair inside the pub. And incidentally, the best part about this particular type of herding area for regulars is that they all flock there driven by their thirst for a “Seidla” (half-liter). Just so we are clear, this is no place for snobbery and all are welcome in the Schwemm.

Those Stehgammlers, who have been long established in the Wunderburg, each have their own personal beer “Krug” (mug) which is kept in a cupboard inside Mahr’s Bräu.